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Live Webinar

10th March, 10:30am IST

‘Considering the breadth of capabilities unlocked by AM, leaders of automotive companies should consider taking advantage of AM technologies to stay ahead of the competition.’ 


Sign up for our 30-minute webinar where we’ll discuss how 3D printing is powering innovation across the automotive and aerospace industry. 

Webinar: How Additive Manufacturing Is Driving The Future Of The Automotive Industry

Wednesday, 10th March, 10.30 AM IST

For many years, 3D printing has been an important part of the automotive development process. The technology is growing more workable and affordable, with companies able to bring additive manufacturing in-house to support processes on the factory floor. New, resilient materials are opening opportunities for producing high precision, functional 3D prints that can stand in for final parts and offer customization opportunities and high performance, but that’s just the beginning.


Sign up to our webinar where Formlabs Application Engineer will discuss the ways 3D printing is powering innovation across the automotive and aerospace industry, from design to manufacturing and beyond.

In this webinar, we will cover 4 main sections, outlined below, supported with real-life examples of Formlabs users in each one. e.g. Optimus Ride Automated Cars / Volkswagen / Ringbrothers to name a few. 

  1. Reshaping the prototyping process

  2. Creating Custom, Complex, and High-Performance Parts 

  3. Producing Tooling and Manufacturing Aid

  4. Solving the Spare Parts Problem

Product Demo: Form 3B Dental 3D Printer

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Dental professionals rely on 3D printing technology for constant time-sensitive production of consistent, accurate parts. With the multitude of 3D printing options in the market today, it’s not easy for dentists, dental labs, and orthodontists to choose a printer that can meet their demands.


In this webinar, Sam Wainwright, Dental Product Manager at Formlabs, will present the new Formlabs Dental business unit and the Form 3B ecosystem, optimized to produce high-quality dental parts and biocompatible appliances. Then, Wainwright will walk through the step-by-step workflow for using the Form 3B.


What you will learn:


  • The process of 3D printing using Formlabs’ Form 3B Dental Printer and PreForm software

  • About 10+ different dental materials you can use to produce dental parts and biocompatible appliances

  • How the quality and accuracy of your dental parts are impacted by Low Force Stereolithography technology